Kindness - pass it on

Today I spent a lovely, nurturing hour in the warm sun, with my dad. Afterwards I went to my favorite Indian buffet. There is one guy that works there, who always asks how my dad is doing, as we had been in there many times together. I think it is so sweet of him to ask. 

When I was at the counter, to pay, he said; “it’s okay”, and waved me out the door. But I insisted on paying, telling him that someday I may really need his generosity, but that today I was okay, and would like to pay. So, instead, he punched two holes in my meal card, that, after ten purchased lunches, leads to one free one. 

I felt so good to have been seen by this relative stranger; to be cared about, and to be offered his generosity and kindness. It reminded me of the commercial in which people keep passing on a good turn, after witnessing someone else doing it. 

I do that in my clinic as well. If people need it, I can give them a break in the cost of the treatment or the supplements they purchase. I have that power; I can make that kind of choice. I like giving and receiving kindness.